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About Us

The Founder

Our Mission

Neubauplan Machine design Studio was started in 1981 by Harshwardhan Gupta, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering of the ’76 batch from the prestigious IIT Bombay. We are a professional machine design firm based in Pune, the home of engineering industry in India. Most of our designs are India's First, and many are World's First. We also offer international quality prototype-making services through our associate vendors.

We design very complex machines to International Norms of Design, Quality, Workmanship and Performance! We always supervise the assembly and trials of our clients' prototypes.

Our designs are always compact, lightweight, ergonomically correct, silent, and good-looking. They are Green too, as we design them to consume the absolute minimal of energy. We normally manage to keep development scrap within 10% of the project cost.

Our designs have often been displayed in IMTEX (India), INTERPACK (Düsseldorf, Germany), and many other exhibitions by our clients.

We sign Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements with all clients and maintain secrecy about all their projects we undertake.

See the long list of our clients here

The word NEUBAUPLAN (pronounced Noy-baau-plaan) simply means "new construct plan" in German.

Harshwardhan Gupta

Harshwardhan Gupta has been designing original machines right from 1975, even before he graduated. He has provided crucial design inputs to many eminent Indian and International companies, and now offers training packages to young machine designers.

Harshwardhan has run more than 60 major design-to-prototype-proving projects, with sustained hands-on experience of assembly and troubleshooting.

His American client Sean Betty, who hired him to design a machine in 2003 says:

“Harshwardhan and his company were innovative, accurate, and efficient. The flow of information and data from Harshwardhan in India to the United States was both thorough and timely. The design was robust yet not over-engineered. Manufacturability was an important consideration in the overall design. Since the product was built in the United States, raw materials and subcomponents were researched and proven to be readily available through the local supply chain. It would be a pleasure to work with Harshwardhan again in the future.”

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  • To always provide the most sensible designs to our clients, and 

  • To always pay attention to detailing, because, as the designers' maxim goes: "God Lies In Details" 

  • To create a breed of world-class machine designers in India.


Harshwardhan is global expert #724155 in the field of Machine Design, High-speed machines, Pneumatics, Packaging machines, design training, outsourcing, audited and recommended by Intota,

the Expert Consulting and Expert Witness Services. You can also professionally engage him through Intota.

Intota is a part of Guideline

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Our Associates

Effica Automation Ltd. Coimbatore
Utcon Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Pune
Brahmadevi Engineering Products, Indore

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    • +91-20-2685-1159,

    • +91-20-4009-1523,

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  • Mailing Address:

    • 3, Delicia-A, Utopia, 68 Wanowrie, Pune 411 040, INDIA

  • We work 9 to 5.30 Monday to Saturday.

  • We are 5½ hours ahead of GMT.

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